Easy Blog Networks: Essential Tool For Online Marketers

You probably came to this page because you are either looking for information about EBN – Easy Blog Networks or you are just searching for some information regarding online marketing tools. If not, the information provided below most likely won’t interest you and will have no clue what we talk about in this article review.

Easy Blog Networks is quite an important tool for small, medium, or corporated digital marketers. EBN comes into play when working on and improving the website’s SEO for more keyword visibility in search engines in the organic search results. Beware that it’s not any magic push-button software but more like a time and money-saving tool, I will explain in just a moment.

EBN is a software that allows you to have tens or hundreds of different websites/blogs automatically hosted on many various web hosting providers with a unique IP address, all under one dashboard. All you need to do each time you want to create a new WordPress blog is to register a domain name anywhere you want, go to the easy blog networks dashboard and click add a new blog. Fill in a few required details like domain name, site’s main title, or choose plugins from the recommended plugins section, and click deploy.

The system will automatically start working in the background and install everything. Then all you need to do is to copy the allocated nameservers to your domain’s DNS settings and that’s it, you can start publishing the content.

So, how do you actually save time and money with EBN?

Ok, now that I explained what is EBN for we can get into how you are actually saving time and money.

Saving Time

The time is saved through the automation processes:

  1. Locating and selecting the web host
  2. Assigning the unique IP address
  3. Installing WordPress with admin, unique password, unique theme, and selected plugins

That’s all!

So imagine if you have 100 domains and you need to create a unique web hosting account for each one of them. you would spend hours, if not days to complete it, not talking about managing and keeping track of everything, you must be a very well organized person.

With EBN you have all the domains in one place.

Saving Money

Depending on the package you choose, the cost per blog varies from $2.36 per blog (25 blogs) with a basic package to $1.79 per blog with the enterprise (200 blogs) web hosting package.